What We Offer

Accounting Services

Accounting, Bookkeeping, Auditing, Payroll

Legal Services

Advisory, Legal Representation, Legal Documentation, Legal Certification, Arbitration and Conciliation services.

Secretarial Services

Secretarial Services, Tax Planning,Corporate Direction, Corporate Compliances, Corporate Training, Corporate Healing.

Financial Services

Mergers and Acquistions, Corporate Finance, Venture Capital, Arranging Debt Financing, Arranging Equity Financing, Corporate Restructuring, Dept Swapping, Structured Finance.

Managerial Services

Strategic Management Consulting, Financial Management, Human Resources Management Consulting, Marketing Management Consulting, Operations Management Consulting, Business Process Management, Project Management.

IT Services

IT Consulting, IT Support, IT Design and Development, IT Infrastructure and Hosting, Licensing servicesfor the right to use computer software and databases, Digital Signature Certificates, Business Software & Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions.